About Us

Kokopelli is not only a clothing brand, but it is a lifestyle with a Giagantic Positive message and Positive Purpose.

Kokopelli is depicted as a Deity, representing the spirit of AGRICULTURE, the spirit of FERTILITY and the spirit of MUSIC. I have created this brand based on these beautiful characteristics of his story.
Kokopelli provides some creatively designed eco-friendly products such as Go – green, sustainable clothing made from HEMP material. (AGRICULTURE)
Kokopelli provides a platform for the involvement of disabled communities, NGO upliftment programmes (LEARN 2 EARN), young designers creative communities, aswell as woman empowered communities to assist in the growth of these businesses to continue to provide training to homeless individuals-(FERTILITY).
As Music is a language universally understood by all cultures across the globe, being born in Africa, I believe that music unites people, therefore Kokopelli provides a platform for up and coming musicians and artists to expose their creative talents.
In promoting these positive changes, Kokopelli is striving to create, not only our country, but also a worldwide movement for positive change in uplifting our communities, understanding the importance to express our individual uniqueness and to promote unity through Music.
Our Aims
✓Create awareness for positive change
around eco-friendly products such as Hemp and bamboo.
✓Create awareness around uplifting communities and giving     back to charities by using upliftment projects to create our
✓Create a platform for talented creatives in fashion, art and music industry.
✓Create international awareness around South African talents and creativity and skills in the music and creativity industry.